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EU policy documents relevant to situations of fragility

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GRAPH 2.3.1 EU policy documents relevant to situations of fragility

Security agenda Development agenda Humanitarian agenda Geographic focus
Pre- 2007

European Security Strategy (2003)

EU Strategy WMD (2003)

EU Guidelines on Children and Armed Conflicts (2003)

Headline Goal 2010 (2004)

EU Concept for ESDP SSR (2005)

EU Strategy on SALW (2006)

EU Concept for DDR (2006)

EC COM LRRD (1996 & 2001)

EC COM EU Election Assistance and Observation (2000)

Göteborg EU Programme (2001)

EC COM Conflict Prevention (2001)

EC COM Governance and Development (2003)

EU Consensus on Development (2006)

EC COM Governance in the European Consensus on Development (2006)

Council Regulation Concerning Humanitarian Aid (1996)

EC COM CPPB in Africa (1996)

EC COM Europe & Asia (2001)

Cotonou Agreement (2005)

EC COM EU & Latin America (2005)

Council Common Position on Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution in Africa (2005)


CC on New Civilian Headline Goal 2010

CC on Security and Development

CC: An EU Response to Situations of Fragility

Council Decision on Establishing a Community Civil Protection Mechanism

Africa-EU Strategic Partnership


Council: EU Approach to Implement UN Resolutions on Women, Peace & Security

Report on Implementation of European Security Strategy

EC/EU HR Paper on Climate Change and Security

European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid

EU Consensus on Humanitarian Aid — Action Plan


CC on Policy Coherence for Development

Council: Concept on Strengthening EU Mediation and Dialogue Capacities

EC COM: EU Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction

EC COM: EU & Latin America


CC on Role of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

2nd Revision Cotonou Agreement


CC on Conflict Prevention

Implementation Plan of EU Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction

CC on EU Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel

CC on Horn of Africa


CC on Common Security and Defence Policy

CC: An Agenda for Change

CC on Future Approach to EU Budget Support in Third Countries

Joint COM EU-Pacific Development Partnership


Joint EC/EU HR COM: EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Conflict and Crises

EC COM: A Decent Life for All

CC on EU Support for Sustainable Change in Transition Societies

CC on EU Approach to Resilience

Action Plan for Resilience in Crisis Prone Countries

Council and Parliament Decision on Establishing a Union Civil Protection Mechanism

CC on Great Lakes Region

2014 EU Strategy on the Gulf of Guinea

Note: To eliminate repetition, only Council conclusions (CC) are listed where a policy is also cited in a communication. All items are hyperlinked to the source document.

Source: ADE (2014).

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