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  1. Operating in situations of conflict and fragility: EU staff handbook

    Tools and Methods Series , Reference Document No 17 "This is a handbook written by staff. It recounts staff experience as told in the first person and documented in evaluations. As such, it seeks to reap the benefits of the EU’s rich experience in situations of conflict and fragility. It is also a...
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  2. The EU's comprehensive approach to external conflict and crises

    The EU’s comprehensive approach to external conflict and crises sets out several practical steps in carrying out a comprehensive approach: (i) develop a shared analysis, (ii) define a common strategic vision, (iii) focus on crisis prevention, (iv) mobilise the various strengths and capacities of...
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  3. Guidance note on Conflict Analysis in support of EU external action

    Conflict is an important part of social and political change. Violent conflict is a problem that the EU is committed to addressing (see annex for listing of extensive policy commitments in this area). The purpose of this note is to set-out how conflict analysis can assist EEAS and Commission staff...
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  4. Syria - 3 Years On

    In March 2014, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the European Commission launched a poster campaign to raise awareness on the Syria crisis. Posters were placed around the Brussels metro system in French and Dutch. In order to evaluate the success of this poster WFP devised a survey looking at the...
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