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CSDP orientation course within the CSDP TP EaP 2019

18 March 2019, 13:00 to 22 March 2019, 13:00

The course aims to provide participants with a broad understanding of CSDP. In particular, participants will be exposed to the CSDP institutional framework, current policies, as well as structures and processes. Participants will have opportunity to create a network of people working in the field of CSDP. The final goal of the CSDP Orientation Course is to support EU Member States and EU Institutions and Agencies in training own personnel in order to be able to work in CSDP-related fields at operational and strategic level.

This training programme was tailored for Eastern Partnership countries, respecting regional diversity and promoting a comprehensive approach (diplomatic/civilian/military/police). The ultimate goal remains the same:

  • to establish a strategic community that is knowledgeable about CFSP/CSDP issues and therefore
  • to contribute to the institution-building process in the margins of a common European Security Culture, and
  • to bring Eastern European partners closer to the European Union.

Since the creation of the CSDP Training Programme for EaP countries in 2013, the ESDC together with its network members and the partners in the region plan, design and conduct this tailor made ESDC training activity together and annually adapt the programme to the training needs and requirements of the Eastern Partnership countries.


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6th CSDP training programme for EaP countries

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Federal Ministry of Defence (Austria); National College for Home Affairs, Police Academy (Romania); ESDC

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European Security and Defence College (Belgium)