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Seminar on Fragility, Security and Development in the context of EU external action


The seminar on "Fragility, Security and Development in the context of EU external action" has the general objective to train DEVCO staff from EC Headquarters and Delegations, as well as diplomats, civilians or civil administration and military personnel from Member States on standard concepts of crisis management, fragility, and development issues in the wider context of CFSP/CSDP. The seminar is focused on practical aspects and concrete case studies.

Seminar Objectives

The overall objective of the seminar is to harmonize the understanding on the EU Comprehensive Approach and on the security and development nexus as its underlying principle for its application.

Through the seminar, the participants should:

  • Acquire a comprehensive overview on EU key policy concepts, strategies, policies and actors in the field of fragility, development and crisis management.
  • Enhance their understanding of current issues revolving around fragility, security and development in the EU, as well as on the international agenda, in the light of the security-development nexus.
  • Develop an accurate understanding of the institutional set-up of the EU and the relevant operating procedures.
  • Become familiar with the complementary roles played by different policy instruments and different actors and learning more about the EU’s comprehensive approach to external conflicts and crisis.
  • Develop a network of professional contacts spanning the entire community of external policy practitioners.


Review and exchanges on:

Learning Unit 1: Increased potential and ambition - the EU Comprehensive Approach

  • Session 1: Introductions, Getting to know each other
  • Session 2: Introduction Comprehensive Approach
  • Session 3, Part 1 Deepening Comprehensive Approach; Part 2 Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitivity                                                                               
  • Session 4: Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitivity - case study

Learning Unit 2: The EU comprehensive approach in practice - EU instruments

  • Session 5: CSDP with focus on decision-making
  • Session 6: Complementarity between external assistance instruments in support of fragile and crisis affected situations
  • Session 7: Horn of Africa – how all these go together?
  • Session 8: Group exercise: Mobilise different EU strengths and capacities

Learning Unit 3: The Comprehensive Approach and Security Sector Reform

  • Session 9: Introduction to Security and Justice Reforms
  • Session 10: Case Study: Security and Justice challenges in Mali and group exercise
  • Session 11: Debriefing of the group exercise and plenary discussion
  • Session 12: Conclusion session, course evaluation and certificates

If you would like to download all seminar documents in one click: here



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Management Centre Europe (Belgium)


European Commission, DG DEVCO Unit Fragility & Resilience; and European Security and Defence College

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