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Upcoming Conflict Sensitivity training (5-7th July 2022

Conflict Sensitivity in EU Programming - EU LEARN - 5th, 6th and 7th July 2022, this training will be held in English

EU Learn - INTPA/M - Virtual Class: Conflict Sensitivity in EU Programming
The virtual training will consist of three half-day modules which will provide EU staff with key knowledge and skills to apply and promote conflict sensitivity in their daily work and especially with regard to mainstreaming conflict sensitivity during the programming cycle.
This training adopts a participatory and interactive approach, using active learning exercises and case studies to complement theoretical presentations, in order to cater for different adult learning styles.
The three modules will focus on:
• Module 1: What is conflict sensitivity and how is it applied at the EU? The objective is to become (more) familiar with the concept and relevance of CS and reflect on how it is used in the EU
• Module 2: Applying conflict sensitivity in practice: The objective is to apply CS as an approach and reflect on how it is used in the EU
• Module 3: Integrating conflict sensitivity in institutional practice: Participants gain practical experience on how to apply the interaction analysis and adaptations of the CS 3 steps approach.
Target audience
The training will address EU staff based in both the Headquarters and EU Delegations, and in particular those staff working in fragile countries and in conflict situations. The training will be open to colleagues in DG INTPA, DG NEAR, FPI, EU delegations and upon availability of seats, also to colleagues from EEAS Headquarters, DG ECHO, DG TRADE, DG CLIMA, etc.

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22 June 2022

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