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Colombia works on its Forest Control and Monitoring System

(Version en español mas abajo) Cali, August 21st 2013 - The Environmental Regional Autonomous Authority of Risaralda (CARDER), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and TRAFFIC are organizing since yesterday the Forest Control and Monitoring System workshop in Colombia, on the International Center for Tropical...
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Taller "Demanda para la Madera Legal en los Mercados Globales"

Belén, Brasil, setiembre 2013 - Representantes de los principales compradores de madera del mundo, se reunieron hoy, miércoles, en el marco de la 1ª Feria de la Madera de la Amazonia para hablar de las exigencias de la legalidad en el mercado global. En agenda organizada por el World Resources...
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Online radio programme on FLEGT in South America

(Spanish translation below) Ambiente Global , an online radio programme from the IUCN and the Colombian National Natural Parks, presented a special piece about the EU FLEGT initiative implemented in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru by TRAFFIC South America, WWF Colombia and the IUCN. This piece...
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UICN-Sur publication “Conservación Ahora” released

*** Version en español más abajo *** The publication "Conservación Ahora" from UICN-Sur, IUCN's Regional Office for South America, has just been released. It contains experts' articles about topics such as illegal timber trade & forest governance, climate change, biodiversity and other...
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