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Le processus Accord de partenariat volontaire (APV) dans les pays d’Afrique centrale et de l’Ouest: de la théorie à la pratique

L’année 2013 a marqué les 10 ans de l’adoption du Plan d’action pour l’application des réglementations forestières, la gouvernance et les échanges commerciaux (FLEGT). Il était donc opportun de lancer une réflexion sur ce qui a bien et moins bien fonctionné au cours de la dernière décennie, afin d’...
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Moving Forward with Forest Governance (ETFRN NEWS 53)

ETFRN NEWS 53: Moving Forward with Forest Governance It is widely acknowledged that improving forest governance is an important prerequisite for sustainable forest management and reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Making governance work better for people and forests is not an easy task...
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The Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process in Central and West Africa - from theory to practice

The year 2013 marked the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, so it seemed timely to reflect on the aspects that had worked well over the past ten years – and those that had worked less well – to draw the main lessons. The FAO...
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Making the Forest Sector Transparent - Annual Transparency Report 2012

Since 2009, Making the Forest Sector Transparent has documented how well governments have met their commitments to improve forest sector governance and transparency. Forests are under severe threat from logging, mining and other industries, yet poor management and corruption facilitate their...
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