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Infractions récurrentes dans le secteur forestier au Cameroun

L’observation indépendante au contrôle forestier et au suivi des infractions forestières est effective et déjà ancienne au Cameroun. Elle date de juin 2000, avec le démarrage de la mission Global Witness. Cette première mission qui a duré cinq (5) ans a pris fin en mars 2005 en cédant la place à...
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FLEGT, VPA, EUTR and their possible impact on the Bolivian timber sector

Dear All, I would like to share with you all an excellent report prepared by Christopher Carden, Robbert Wijers and Paul Zambon on the forest sector in Bolivia, financed by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Import from developing countries) of The Netherlands (related to the Ministry of Foreign...
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Myanmar - Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade

Myanmar remains one of the world’s only countries with no prohibitions on log exports. The country provides much coveted teak and other hardwood logs to the region and beyond. Sawn wood, and to a lesser extent finished wood products, contribute a relatively small amount to Myanmar’s total exports...
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¿Qué es “Madera Legal”?

PERIÓDICO INSTITUCIONAL Primer Trimestre 2012 - AÑO 2, No. 5 "A primera vista parecería innecesario plantearse la inquietud de si se requiere contar o no con una definición de “madera legal”. Y ello es así, porque se entiende como implícito dicho concepto. Es decir, en nuestro medio se supone que...
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Thailand - Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade

Thailand diverges from neighboring regional Mekong countries, with a decade or more experience of actively pursuing policies to combat domestic illegal logging and internal transportation. The 1989 logging ban, and the rise of grassroots social movements organizing around large-scale plantations...
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