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David SANMIGUEL posted Information 4 May 2012

FLEGT Interactive Map

Mathieu Bousquet uploaded a new Document 25 April 2012
Marie Mbolo Abada uploaded a new Document 6 August 2012

L’observation indépendante au contrôle forestier et au suivi des infractions forestières est effective et déjà ancienne au Cameroun. Elle date de juin 2000, avec le démarrage de la mission Global Witness.

Antoine Saintraint uploaded a new Document 3 August 2012

Dear All,

Team FLEGT uploaded a new Document 7 November 2012

Ten years after its adoption, it is time to look back, analyse the lessons learned and identify future prospects.

David SANMIGUEL posted Information 4 February 2013

Executive summary

Kerstin Canby uploaded a new Document 14 June 2012

Myanmar remains one of the world’s only countries with no prohibitions on log exports. The country provides much coveted teak and other hardwood logs to the region and beyond.

Mathieu Bousquet posted Information 20 April 2012

FLEGT on capacity4dev, a new story ?

Ulrich Malessa uploaded a new Document 25 February 2013

This article (in German) describes the implementation of a DDS in practical ways in a company and how the FSC certification system can help to implement each step. A flow chart shows a step by step how to go about when an operator plans to order timber products.