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Julia Hedtjarn Swaling uploaded a new Document 15 April 2014

EU FAO FLEGT Programme is now accepting concept notes from government institutions, civil society and private sector organizations in countries engaged in VPAs. Grants of up to €100 000 are channeled through the Programme to support the ongoing VPA process in the targeted country.

Sophie Lemaitre uploaded a new Document 5 June 2013

The EU-FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Programme (EU FAO FLEGT Programme) is a four year initiative that started in May 2012, and is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by FAO.

Marc Vandenhaute uploaded a new Document 27 August 2015
Jose Filadelfo Martinez Hernandez uploaded a new Document 23 July 2015

Informe del taller de Estudio del Impacto del AVA en los Medios de Vida con mujeres del sector forestal realizado por Fundación Democracia sin fronteras, Progressio latina, Monitoreo Forestyal Independiente y Madera Verde con el apoyo de GIZ, FAO FLEGT y Forest trends, en mayo de 2015.

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 25 November 2015

In its October meeting, the European Parliament delegation for relations with the countries of Central America exchanged views on the 4th round of negotiations between Honduras and the EU on a VPA. 

Jose Filadelfo Martinez Hernandez posted Information 7 October 2015

The video produced by the FDsF summarizes the experience of participation of civil society organizations through the Environmental Governance Platform of Olancho. The FAO FLEGT Programme of the EU supported the activities of the FDsF to strengthen the platform and produce the video.

Filippo Del Gatto uploaded a new Document 10 September 2015

The Honduran Muskitia is undergoing a process of indigenous land titling without precedent in the country. At the end of the process, the indigenous territorial space in northeastern Honduras could cover nearly 14% of the national area.

Jose Filadelfo Martinez Hernandez posted Information 14 August 2015

Video producido por la Fundación Democracia sin Fronteras, FDsF que resume la experiencia de participación de las organizaciones de sociedad a través de la Plataforma de Gobernanza Ambiental del deprtamemnto de Olancho.

David SANMIGUEL uploaded a new Document 21 May 2015

El resumen de la hoja de ruta para el compromiso con la sociedad civil en Honduras incluye:

- Un análisis del estado de la sociedad civil

- Un análisis del compromiso de la UE con las OSC en el país