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Gobernanza Forestal uploaded a new Document 18 November 2014

Lea aquí la edición número 15 del periódico del Proyecto de Posicionamiento de la Gobernanza Forestal en Colombia PPGFC

Gobernanza Forestal posted Information 13 January 2015

Modelo MatemáticoPara contribuir a resolver la necesidad de gene

South America TRAFFIC uploaded a new Document 28 January 2015

This publication captures the key issues that resulted from the discussions from the conference which engaged 140 regional stakeholders, as well as public and private sector representatives from 10 Latin America countries and from demand side markets such as the EU and the US.

Richard Wainwright posted Information 3 June 2014

Gobernanza Forestal posted Information 9 October 2014

An agreement between the regional environmental authority of Risaralda CARDER and the International Network of Bamboo and Rattan INBAR was sign.

Gobernanza Forestal posted Information 30 May 2014

spot%20pacto2.jpgEl video publicitario para promocionar el Pacto Intersectorial por la Madera Legal en Colo

Gobernanza Forestal posted Information 14 July 2014

publicaci%C3%B3n%20pacto.jpgLas últimas publicaciones realizadas por el Proyecto Posicionamiento