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Jill Edbrooke uploaded a new Document 18 September 2013

Course Flyer for "Improving Forest Governance 2014"

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Sophie Lemaitre posted Information 5 June 2013

The EU FAO FLEGT Programme launched in March a call for proposals opened to local stakeholders - government, civil society organisations and private sector organisations - in VPA countries.

The deadline for application is 30 June 2013.

Alain Houyoux uploaded a new Document 13 June 2012

ETFRN NEWS 53: Moving Forward with Forest Governance

Sophie Lemaitre posted Information 5 March 2013

Dear members,

Céline FERRE posted Information 15 April 2013

Le Groupe de travail communication de l’APV-FLEGT Congo a développé une plaquette d’information à destination des sociétés forestières congolaises.

 Cette plaquette présente :

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