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Jose Filadelfo Martinez Hernandez uploaded a new Document 6 February 2015

Resumen de los planteamientos de la sociedad civil hondureña en la Tercera Ronda de negociaciones AVA Honduras.

Gobernanza Forestal uploaded a new Document 18 November 2014

Lea aquí la edición número 15 del periódico del Proyecto de Posicionamiento de la Gobernanza Forestal en Colombia PPGFC

South America TRAFFIC uploaded a new Document 28 January 2015

This publication captures the key issues that resulted from the discussions from the conference which engaged 140 regional stakeholders, as well as public and private sector representatives from 10 Latin America countries and from demand side markets such as the EU and the US.

Gobernanza Forestal uploaded a new Document 9 September 2014

Periódico Institucional del Proyecto de Posicionamiento de la Gobernanza Forestal en Colombia. Primer Trimestre 2014, año 4. Edición 13. Colombia.

Rosa Abruzzese uploaded a new Document 23 May 2014
Bienvenu Louzolo uploaded a new Document 26 May 2014

Présentation de M. Alfred NKODIA, Coordonnateurn Observateur Indépendant APV/ FLEGT et de M. Hadjinsy Grégoire KOUFFA, 

Valerie de Liedekerke uploaded a new Document 1 December 2014

The workshop aimed to raise awareness among the social and indigenous groups on forest governance and the High Conservation Values (HCV) concept in the forestry sector.  It also served as a platform for social NGOs and community-based organisations to share their opinions.