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Marc Vandenhaute uploaded a new Document 3 October 2012
FAO is issuing a call for proposals through its EU-FAO Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Programme (EU-FAO FLEGT Programme).
Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 18 March 2015

You can follow what is going on at FLEGT Week 2015 here. We invite you to see the reports on daily sessions. We are uploading stories, photographs, videos and presentations each day.

David Young uploaded a new Document 8 August 2017

It is too easy for community forests to be co-opted by logging companies and local elites for narrowly commercial and unsustainable ends.

AURELIAN MBZIBAIN posted Information 22 December 2015
Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 5 July 2017

Thailand and the European Union (EU) have held their first negotiations towards a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to improve forest governance and promote trade in verified legal timber products.