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Kerstin Canby uploaded a new Document 14 June 2012

Thailand diverges from neighboring regional Mekong countries, with a decade or more experience of actively pursuing policies to combat domestic illegal logging and internal transportation.

Anna Begemann uploaded a new Document 11 February 2015
Capacity4dev Team posted Information 7 November 2013

Salai outlines the landscape for civil society in Myanmar, and explains how Pyoe Pin provides support:

Alba Pueyo posted Information 1 July 2015

Liberia and the European Union held the second meeting of the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) in Monrovia on 10-12 June 2015.

ClientEarth Forests uploaded a new Document 22 May 2018

This Toolkit is intended to inform law-makers about key legal issues that may arise when forests are cleared for conversion to another use, including agriculture, mining, infrastructure or urbanisation, and the risks that may stem from those issues.

EU FLEGT Facility posted Information 15 December 2017

New regulations enacted by Ghana on 3 November 2017 address entrenched forest governance challenges and are an important milestone on the road to the full implementation of the country’s Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union (EU).

Alexis Borremans uploaded a new Document 14 October 2013
Gobernanza Forestal posted Information 28 February 2014

REUNI%C3%93N%20EN%20UE-%20ENERO%202014.jpgIn a meeting in Bogota, with the representative of the European Union

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 11 June 2014

Members of the joint implementation committee (JIC) for the Liberia-EU VPA met for the first JIC meeting in Monrovia, on 27-29 May 2014. They reviewed implementation progress and agreed on the priorities for 2014 and upcoming milestones for the timber legality assurance system under development.