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Técnicos y Jurídicos Analizan el Concepto de Madera Legal

Durante los días 5 y 6 de febrero, el Proyecto Posicionamiento de la Gobernanza Forestal en Colombia, lleva a cabo en la sede de la Corporación Autónoma Regional de las Cuencas de los ríos Negro y Nare -Cornare, el Taller de Técnicos y Jurídicos: “Análisis del Concepto de Madera Legal y...
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Ecuadorian indigenous leader killed days before planned protest at COP20. How many more environmental defenders will die before the world takes notice?

While governments debate the minutiae of curbing emissions at the UN’s annual climate jamboree, people on the frontline of the environmental struggle are getting killed. On 28th November, just days before this year’s climate conference (COP20) was due to start, an indigenous Shuar leader went...
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Summary: Forum on Governance, Legality Verification Systems and Competitiveness in the Latin American Forest Sector.

This publication captures the key issues that resulted from the discussions from the conference which engaged 140 regional stakeholders, as well as public and private sector representatives from 10 Latin America countries and from demand side markets such as the EU and the US. The conference aimed...
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