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Evaluation and revision of the Sabah TLAS standard and audit checklists

The current report outlines the evaluation and revision of the Sabah Timber Legality Assessment System (TLAS) requirements carried out as part of the project managed by WWF Malaysia: Advancing a legal and sustainable global timber trade through the EU FLEGT action plan. The work has been possible...
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Routes of Extinction: The corruption and violence destroying Siamese Rosewood in the Mekong.

China’s furniture craze drives Siam rosewood to extinction May 12, 2014 China’s luxury furniture craze steeped in blood & driving Siam rosewood to extinction BANGKOK : Precious Siamese rosewood has been illegally logged to the brink of extinction in the Mekong region to feed a voracious demand...
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SVLK Flawed: An Independent Evaluation of Indonesia's Timber Legality Certification System

The Study found the following shortcomings: Since its inception the SVLK standard was weakened repeatedly. SVLK certifies operations which are not in compliance with various government regulations. SVLK certifies operations which are not sustainable. SVLK certifies operations which may source...
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治理非法采伐及相关贸易 进展如何, 前路何在?概要和建议

查塔姆研究所对全球范围内非法采伐治理工作的第 一次评估结果令人鼓舞。评估结果发表于2010年, 认为21世纪早期各国合力加强执法工作, 许多国家 的非法采伐问题得到了明显改善。 但在2012至2014年间进行的第二次评估却展现出 更加复杂的情况。国家层面取得的进展有目共睹, 几乎所有接受评估的消费国非法木材进口份额都有 所减少。许多生产国尽管在森林治理方面的工作 仍非常薄弱, 但已经在其他众多领域取得了持续发 展。相应的, 接受评估的生产国中许多已经减少了 非法木材的出口份额。 然而, 全球层面的进程却止步不前。自金融危机结 束以来, 接受评估的国家的非法木材进口总量增加 了1/5。据估计...
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Moving Forward with Forest Governance (ETFRN NEWS 53)

ETFRN NEWS 53: Moving Forward with Forest Governance It is widely acknowledged that improving forest governance is an important prerequisite for sustainable forest management and reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Making governance work better for people and forests is not an easy task...
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Améliorer la gouvernance forestière

Les Accords de Partenariat Volontaire sont des outils innovants destinés à l’amélioration de la gouvernance des forêts. Ce rapport examine le contenu des six APV actuels et permet d’identifier les différences et les similarités existant entre ces accords. L’analyse porte sur six questions clés que...
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Illegal Logging and Related Trade: The Response in Indonesia

In Indonesia, implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU has contributed to a decline in illegal logging but some more intractable problems have yet to be effectively addressed, including high levels of corruption and a lack of understanding of, and control over, the small-...
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