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FLEGT active in capacity4dev - Welcome new members

FLEGT on capacity4dev, a new story ? Last year we created the public group on FLEGT in capacity4dev, and some members joined the group (thanks to them !), but we have not made a big use of this tool. With new people (some of them technology oriented !) joining the FLEGT team, we decided that this...
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NEW: Training material on the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT

This training material can be used to inform about the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), FLEGT and related topics, such as legality, certification, verification, or chain of custody. It was created as a training of trainers to inform small and medium sized enterprises about the requirements of the EUTR...
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Surjani Alloy: remembering one of the brightest and best

July 30, 2012 EIA has received the sad news that Surjani Alloy , the leader of the Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN, an independent organisation comprising indigenous communities from various parts of the Indonesia archipelago), in West Kalimantan, died suddenly on Saturday. I have known and...
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Malaysia and Indonesia find delay in finishing VPA?

1. What is true about The Jakarta Post on Indonesia, that there will be a delay again in finishing the VPA? 2. What is true about the latest Message from Malyasia as mentioned on GreenwoodNews about the Sarawak issue? As there is a stop on negotiation with NGO stakeholders?
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Guidance on the EU Timber Regulation published

The European Commission has published a guidance document which explains aspects of the EU Timber Regulation and the two secondary acts. The guidance defines important terms such as ‘placing on the market’ and gives examples in which a company or individual would be considered an ‘operator’. It...
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New Animation of the project

[video: Tale of Legality is the story of Robleto and Troncon, two wooden logs in a fun describing the benefits of leverage, mobilize process and market legal timber.
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EU FAO FLEGT - Call for proposals - VPA countries

Dear members, The EU FAO FLEGT Programme, a four year initiative funded by the EU and implemented by FAO, recently launched its call for proposals for VPA countries . The call is for government agencies, civil society organisations and private sector organisations from the following countries:...
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