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EUTR Latest News

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) has been in full effect since 3 March 2013. On its third anniversary, this issue of the EUTR News provides an update on the operation of the EU’s law to address illegal logging, from March 2015 to March 2016. As with all of our previous editions, this issue will...
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Actualités du RBUE

Le Règlement Bois de l’UE (RBUE) est pleinement entré en vigueur le 3 mars 2013. À l’occasion du troisième anniversaire de ce règlement, ce numéro de L’actualité du RBUE revient sur l’application de la loi de l’Union européenne destinée à combattre l’exploitation illégale entre mars 2015 et mars...
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Addressing the risks of a weak legal framework governing forest conversion in Liberia

Forests converted for agricultural, mining, infrastructure and urban expansion purposes represent more than half of worldwide deforestation. In recent years, forest conversion has increased in West and Central Africa; however, few forestry and land tenure laws have been updated to govern it...
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