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Céline FERRE uploaded a new Document 17 July 2012

La légalité forestière dans le contexte de l'APV-FLEGT

Céline FERRE posted Information 17 July 2012


J'ai le plaisir de vous adresser le deuxième numéro de la lettre d’information APV-FLEGT Congo.

Sophie Lemaitre uploaded a new Document 2 August 2012
23 October 2012 to 25 October 2012
in Accra (Ghana)
Organised byFAO, Forestry Commission, EFI FLEGT Facility, IDL group

The Forestry Commission of Ghana, in partnership with the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ACP-FLEGT Support
Programme and the European Forest Institute’s (EFI) EU FLEGT Facility, is
organising a regional workshop on “/Experiences from the FLEGT/VPA process
in West and Central African countries/”.

The major objective of the workshop is to bring together government
authorities, civil society organizations, private sector organizations,
professionals, researchers and technicians involved in the implementation of
the FLEGT/VPA process in *West and **Central **Africa* to share and discuss
*experiences and lessons* learned from the *FLEGT/VPA process*.

More detailed information will be provided soon.

Céline FERRE uploaded a new Document 29 October 2012

Ce troisième numéro de la lettre d'information APV-FLEGT Congo (Septembre/Octobre 2012) est principalement consacré au Système de Vérification de la Légalité avec comme deuxième volet la traçabilité des bois.

Sophie Lemaitre uploaded a new Document 10 January 2013

Proceedings of the Regional Conference on "Experiences from the VPA process in West and Central Africa" held in Accra from 23 - 25 October 2012