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Lettre d'information APV-FLEGT Congo Juillet/Août 2012

Bonjour, J'ai le plaisir de vous adresser le deuxième numéro de la lettre d’information APV-FLEGT Congo. Cette deuxième lettre d’information aborde le thème du Système de vérification de la légalité (SVL) du bois au Congo avec comme premier volet la légalité forestière dans le contexte de l’APV-...
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Talks begin on support for legal timber harvesting in Ecuador

Traducción al español más abajo / Spanish translation below) Quito, Ecuador, 30 th October 2012 — representatives from throughout the timber sector in Ecuador met with European Union (EU) delegates last month, to discuss implementation of an action plan that aims to ensure that only legally...
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Team meets to develop EU forestry project in South America

(Traducción al español más abajo / Spanish translation below) Quito, Ecuador, November 2012 – Delegates from WWF Colombia, IUCN South America, and TRAFFIC met this November to develop implementation plans for an EU-funded forestry project in South America. The “ Supporting the implementation of the...
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Advancing a Sustainable Global Timber Trade through the EU FLEGT Action Plan

The Sabah’s FLEGT Kick Start Workshop and Consultation was conducted at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 8 October 2012.This workshop was jointly organized by the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) and WWF-Malaysia, with funding from the EC. The neighbouring state of Sarawak sent an official from the...
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