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74 in total, 61 - 70 shown
19 June 2012 to 21 June 2012
in Kinshasa (Congo (Kinshasa))

L'atelier est organisé par WWF en partenariat avec UN-REDD et CEDEN sur
financement du Programme d'Appui ACP-FLEGT.

L'objectif est de faire en sorte que les travaux en cours en RDC dans le
cadre du processus FLEGT/APV et dans le cadre du processus REDD+ progressent
de manière concertée et compatible dans les domaines où ces processus se

Andrew Sutherland posted Information 9 May 2012

For everyone that was unable to attend Forest Governance Forum in Monrovia last Tuesday and Wednesday, please find all presentations available to download at

5 July 2012 to 6 July 2012
in London (United Kingdom)

The Illegal Logging Stakeholder Update meetings provide updates on the latest
initiatives, regulations and research in the area of forest governance and
trade in illegal timber. They have been at the heart of Chatham House's work
on the issue since the first meeting was held in 2002. The meetings are held
every six months.

Registration is now open for the 20th Chatham House Illegal Logging Update
and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting: [2]


1 May 2012 to 2 May 2012
in Monrovia (Liberia)

** [1]

*How can forest resources be managed in the interests of all stakeholders?
How can Forest Governance be strengthened to deliver results that make
economic, social and ecological sense?*

*Comprising of West African events (Ghana & Liberia) and Central African
events (DRC & Cameroon), */Forest Governance Forum/* is designed to create
an in-country space for discussion and exchange of ideas, experience and

*Blending regional and global speakers and participants from Government,
Civil Society, Trade & Industry, the NGO Community and the Academic World,
the objective is to bring debates surrounding Forest Governance to four key
African countries in order to widen participation, to facilitate more
national voices in the conversation, and to situate issues within a local and
international context.*

*Inspired by Biannual Illegal Logging Stakeholder Conferences at Chatham
House  [2]in London, The Forest Governance Forum contributes to the broader
objective of an EC-funded project, ‘Strengthening African Forest
Governance’  [3], which also includes academic and training components.*


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Nota Informativa 3: Enero 2011: Vínculos FLEGT-REDD+: Trabajando juntos de manera efectiva

Team FLEGT uploaded a new Document 20 April 2012

Nota Informativa 2: Enero 2011: Vínculos FLEGT-REDD+: ¿Qué es REDD+?

Team FLEGT uploaded a new Document 20 April 2012

Nota Informativa 1: Enero 2011: Vínculos FLEGT-REDD+: ¿Qué es el FLEGT?

Team FLEGT uploaded a new Document 20 April 2012

Note d'Information3: Janvier 2011: Interactions FLEGT-REDD+: Travailler ensemble efficacement