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Workshop report: Community Forestry in Liberia – a review of challenges, opportunities and other options

From experience and observations, community forestry practice in Liberia has not been adequately informed about genuine community forest management and as a result it is performing poorly. However, given that Liberia’s forest management is now focused on community forestry it is incumbent upon the...
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EUTR news - September to November in Chinese (EUTR 新闻—2017年9月至11月)

期EUTR新闻提供了有关欧盟为处理非法采伐而实施的法律–《欧盟木材条例》(EUTR)从2017年9月至11月的最新动态。与我们之前的所有版本一样,本期新闻将包括欧盟委员会和欧盟成员国为确保适当地实施EUTR所做的工作,并提供了有关国际上类似立法的最新动态 下载本期时事通讯 | ES | FR | EN
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Liberia: Comparative analysis of two CFMAs in Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties (CS-IFM Briefing Note 8)

This brief compares two Community Forestry Management Agreements (CFMAs) in Liberia – one supported by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and one supported by the USAID-funded Land Rights and Community Forestry Project (LRCFP). It contrasts the allocation process, the governance structures,...
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Comparison of illegal logging laws in the EU, the US, Australia and Japan

As major timber consuming markets, the EU, US, Australia, and most recently, Japan, have all introduced laws to restrict the access of illegally harvested timber to their markets. While the laws are essentially addressing the same issue, there are some important differences. ClientEarth has...
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