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EUTR Newsletter - March to May 2020 (欧盟木材法规(EUTR)新闻——2020年3月至5月)

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EFI seeks a Land-Use Governance Expert

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is seeking Land-Use Governance Expert to reinforce the EU REDD Facility and its portfolio in Africa. The position is based at EFI’s office in Barcelona, Spain. The Land-Use Governance Expert will provide technical and strategic advice and inputs to activities...
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Special Report: Overcoming threats to the Mekong's forests and people

Big changes are underway in forests of the Mekong region in Southeast Asia. Countries are cracking down on illegal logging, increasing community control over forests, and opening up decision-making processes, making them more inclusive. These changes could have profound effects both in the Mekong...
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本期《欧盟木材法规》新闻将为您提供欧盟打击非法伐木的法律《欧盟木材法规》(EUTR)2019 年 3 月至 2020 年 3 月的最新进展。与之前的各期一样,本期将包含欧盟委员会和欧盟成员国用来 确保正确实施《欧盟木材法规》的措施的有关信息,并提供有关国际上的类似法规的最新进展。
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Actualités du RBUE – mars 2019 à mars 2020

Ce bulletin d’actualités du RBUE vous apporte une mise à jour sur le fonctionnement de la loi européenne sur l’exploitation forestière illégale, le Règlement Bois de l’Union Européenne (RBUE), de mars 2019 à mars 2020. À l’instar des éditions précédentes, celui-ci vous informe des actions menées...
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Trees give small farmers in Thailand access to loans

The EU FLEGT Facility has published a story describing how farmers in Thailand are starting to reap the benefits from international timber trade talks between Thailand and the European Union. Mongkol Wandee measures a tree by Somporn Khongthanakrittakorn, EU FLEGT Facility Until recently, forest...
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