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1. FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) : Training Films

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Training film 1 Illegal logging: Why enter a VPA? (18:12 min)


Training film 2 VPAs: Assuring Legality (16:03 min)


Training film 3  VPAs: Involving Stakeholders(19:27 min)


Training film 4 VPAs and Changing Markets (16:49 min)



Dear members, we invite you to watch these 4 movies (dated December 2010) to have a very nice and complete overview of the FLEGT VPAs matter.

Dear Members,

These videos reveal the realities among the forests communities.I could gather much from Liberia, Ghana and Gabon. As GEF-NGO Focal Point for Central African Region,I would propose some consider some CDS and hard copies for communities unable access internet services in these forests communities.

Tcharbuahbokengo NFINN
Focal Point; GEF/NGO for Central Africa Region 
Director General; Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights (FEEDAR & HR)
Postal Address: PO Box 321 Kumba, Meme, SWR, Cameroon
Physical Address: FEEDAR & HR, Meboka Street Krama Kumba; Meme; South West Region; Cameroon.
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Email: feedar97 [at]  , feedarsecretariat

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