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Rethinking Liberia’s Forests: Implementing the New Vision


Liberia’s current government-recognized forest management – industrial logging – is not working: it is not bringing in government revenue and it is not providing benefits to affected communities. The country is on the verge of adopting a forest management model in which ownership is handed to communities. However, people demand that they can have better lives – better economies – as a result of their forests. There is not currently enough sharing of economic information, and some significant administrative and legal impediments, to make this happen.

The two-day conference will cover the following themes:

  1. Resources and governance: What can we learn from holistically assessing Liberia’s forest resources? What regulations currently govern the forest sector, and what legal frameworks are emerging (including land tenure legislation)? How can we build upon traditional/Indigenous systems of forest management?
  2. Local realities for communities and forests: How are local communities utilising the non-cash, intangible goods and services provided by Liberia’s forests? What are the opportunities and threats they face in this endeavour? What can be learned from other countries with similar experiences?
  3. Real and potential initiatives: How can experiences in Liberia inform locally-controlled forest management on a wider scale? What can we learn from regional and global examples on this and in other areas, including the balance of timber and non-timber activities?
  4. Institutions: How might a forest authority, other government agencies, NGOs and other intermediaries best support sustainable and legal community forest and land management?

The conference Concept Note can be found here: where an agenda will be posted as soon as it becomes available. There is also a background blog, written by the Africa Progress Panel, and a previous issues paper, Window of Opportunity.

If you interested in attending the conference, please contact or +231 777 551 389, to reserve a place and find out further details of the conference venue.

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Monrovia (Liberia)


Forestry Development Authority, Global Witness, NGO Coalition, Rights & Resources Group

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