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Forest Landscapes: Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation

21 October 2015,
13:30 to 16:30

Hosted by:

Catherine Bearder MEP

Forests and forest landscapes, particularly in tropical areas, are important in regulating global carbon budgets and moderating climate change but they are still being degraded and destroyed at a significant rate. These same forests provide many other essential non-carbon benefits such as biodiversity, provision of food/energy/materials, medicines, disease mitigation, water quality and flood control.

By 2030 restoration and sustainable management of forest landscapes could also make better use of biodiversity, to maintain or increase their capacity to absorb and store carbon despite new climate extremes, while responding to the needs of local and global society. 

The EC funded project on the “Role of Biodiversity in Climate Change Mitigation” (ROBIN) has produced new insights and evidence concerning the carbon and non-carbon benefits provided by tropical forest landscapes in Latin America.

This conference aims, through a science-policy-society dialogue, to help develop a coherent set of actions across sectors and levels of government to address climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity loss and the maintenance of sustainable tropical forest landscapes.

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