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Evaluation and revision of the Sabah TLAS standard and audit checklists

The current report outlines the evaluation and revision of the Sabah Timber Legality Assessment System (TLAS) requirements carried out as part of the project managed by WWF Malaysia: Advancing a legal and sustainable global timber trade through the EU FLEGT action plan. The work has been possible through the generous support from the EU.

The evaluation has been carried out in close coordination with WWF Malaysia, the Sabah Forest Department (FDS) and the Sabah Timber Industry Association (STIA).

The evaluation has been carried out by NEPCon[1] in collaboration with G2RP[2].

The terms of reference for the evaluation contain the following outputs:

1.Proposal for revised criteria and verification procedures related to verifying industry conformance with Principles 5 and 6 and its Compliance Audit Checklist

2.A revised Compliance Audit Checklist for Principle 1 – Principle 4 based on the updated Sabah TLAS

See Annex 2 for the full Terms of Reference.

The evaluation and stakeholder comments to the revised Sabah TLAS is planned to be followed up byanother two separate steps including comprehensive field testing of the Sabah TLAS (focusing on principle 5 and principle 6) as well as training and awareness raising activities aimed at the wood processing industry.

[2] The Global Resources Resilience Programme, managed by Rachel Butler


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Many thanks for providing the Appendix, Valerie

Kind regards, Antoine

Kindly post a copy of Appendix A as well if possible.

Or send it to me at:



You can find the Appendix A for the SABAH TLAS at


Many thanks for providing the Appendix, Valerie

Kind regards, Antoine

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