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EUTR News - March to May 2017

ClientEarth's latest issue of EUTR News (March – May 2017) provides an update on the operation of the EU’s law to address illegal logging, the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), from March to May 2017. 

As with all of our previous editions, this issue will include information on what both the European Commission and EU Member States are doing to ensure the proper application of the EUTR, and provide updates on similar legislation internationally. We also include a selection of publications and resources that aim to inform on progress and key elements related to the EUTR

Among other developments:

A number of Member States are working to ensure compliance with the EUTR. Following the example set by a Swedish court in 2016, Danish and German authorities have issued injunctions to operators importing timber from Myanmar, who were not complying with the EUTR due diligence requirement. Dutch authorities also ruled that a company importing timber from Cameroon was breaching the same requirement. 

A judge in France is investigating companies importing timber from the DRC after a criminal complaint, while in Germany, under the unfair competition act, a company was fined for false declaration regarding the origin and species of timber distributed. 

Within the EU and Internationally, organisations have been working on measures to address illegal logging activities. In Brussels, WWF hosted a roundtable about the EUTR product scope and implementation, while in Austria, FSC has disassociated itself with a company linked to illegal logging practices in Romania. 

In Japan, the Clean Wood Act has entered into force, while in Australia the criminal penalties associated with breaches of the Illegal Logging Law will increase from July 2017.

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