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  1. Ghana and the EU report VPA progress

    Ghana and the EU have published the third annual report on VPA implementation. It covers the period January to December 2012 and has been produced by the Joint Monitoring and Review Mechanism. Since development of the FLEGT licensing system is underway, the report covers progress made and notes...
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  2. Cameroon and the EU report on VPA progress

    Cameroon and the EU have released two joint reports on progress in implementing the Cameroon-EU VPA. VPA negotiations concluded in October 2010, the agreement was ratified and it entered into force on 1 December 2011. The first report summarises activities and progress in 2010 and 2011. The second...
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  3. Misquotes in the Indonesian Press about the Voluntary Partnership Agreement

    Hi FLEGT Folks, I just wanted to clear up some confusion caused by journalists here in Jakarta reporting on developments on the VPA and related legality assurance schemes. On Tuesday Indonesia and the EU held a joint press conference on the state of the Voluntary Partneship Agreement, the...
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    Andy Roby posted Information 25 January 2013
  4. Lessons learned from Liberia’s timber tracking system

    PROFOR, the Program on Forests, has summarised the achievements and lessons learned from the PROFOR project that assisted the development of Liberfor, Liberia’s chain of custody system. The work was supported with funds from the Government of Liberia, USAID and the multidonor Forest Law Enforcement...
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  5. New disclosure requirements for the extractive industry and loggers of primary forests in the Accounting (and Transparency) Directives (Country by Country Reporting) – frequently asked questions

    Dear FLEGT members, I would like to share with you this European Commission MEMO on new disclosure requirements for the extractive industry and loggers of primary forests. I think this show the strength commitment of the EU to increase accountability and transparency in the forestry sector. http://...
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