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  1. Explore FLEGT Projects around the world (en) (fr) (es)

    EU launches Map of FLEGT projects The European Union launched on 1 December the Map of FLEGT projects , an interactive tool for sharing information and coordinating action in support of the EU FLEGT Action Plan . The Map of FLEGT projects has information on past and ongoing FLEGT projects around...
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  2. FLEGT Week 2015: FLEGT and REDD+ linkages, the Report

    The Report FLEGT and REDD+ linkages Side event, Thursday 19 March, from 14:30 to 16:00 Highlights Interactions between FLEGT and REDD+ are increasingly being documented and understood, and first country-level experiences on linking FLEGT and REDD+ are starting to emerge. Experiences from DRC, Ghana...
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  3. Sustainable Forest Management Toolbox

    To better respond to the needs and recommendations of countries, FAO has developed a comprehensive technical package of tools, best practices, and examples of their application, referred to as the SFM Toolbox , to facilitate the implementation of SFM under varied contexts having primarily in mind...
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