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  1. Online public consultation on the EU FLEGT Action Plan Evaluation

    English: A public consultation has been launched to seek inputs in the context of the ongoing evaluation of the FLEGT Action Plan. The European Commission encourages all interested stakeholders to contribute to this consultation, including public administrations, non-governmental organisations,...
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  2. Le Programme FAO FLEGT publie un appel à propositions de projets

    Le Programme FAO FLEGT accepte actuellement des propositions de notes succinctes émanant des pays engagés dans le processus APV. Des subventions allant jusqu’à 100 000 EUR sont disponibles par le biais de cet appel à propositions aux institutions gouvernementales, aux organisations du secteur privé...
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  3. Explore FLEGT Projects around the world (en) (fr) (es)

    EU launches Map of FLEGT projects The European Union launched on 1 December the Map of FLEGT projects , an interactive tool for sharing information and coordinating action in support of the EU FLEGT Action Plan . The Map of FLEGT projects has information on past and ongoing FLEGT projects around...
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  4. FLEGT Week 2015: FLEGT and REDD+ linkages, the Report

    The Report FLEGT and REDD+ linkages Side event, Thursday 19 March, from 14:30 to 16:00 Highlights Interactions between FLEGT and REDD+ are increasingly being documented and understood, and first country-level experiences on linking FLEGT and REDD+ are starting to emerge. Experiences from DRC, Ghana...
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