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  1. EU FLEGT Facility news released

    The July and August 2014 issue of the EU FLEGT Facility newsletter has been released in English , French and Spanish . Click here to subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter. This issue of the EU FLEGT Facility newsletter includes the latest VPA news from Africa, Asia and Latin America, reports from...
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  2. Sustainable Forest Management Toolbox

    To better respond to the needs and recommendations of countries, FAO has developed a comprehensive technical package of tools, best practices, and examples of their application, referred to as the SFM Toolbox , to facilitate the implementation of SFM under varied contexts having primarily in mind...
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  3. El Programa UE FAO FLEGT publica un nuevo estudio sobre las enseñanzas aprendidas del proceso AVA (Acuerdo Voluntario de Asociación)

    En 2013 se cumplieron los diez primeros años desde la aprobación del Plan de acción sobre Aplicación de las Leyes, Gobernanza y Comercio Forestales (FLEGT, por sus siglas en inglés). Esta fue una oportunidad para reflexionar sobre lo que ha funcionado bien (y sobre lo que ha funcionado menos bien)...
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  4. EU FAO FLEGT Programme calls for concept notes from VPA countries

    EU FAO FLEGT Programme is now accepting concept notes from government institutions, civil society and private sector organizations in countries engaged in VPAs. Grants of up to €100 000 are channeled through the Programme to support the ongoing VPA process in the targeted country. The selection of...
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