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Team FLEGT posted Information 20 April 2012

The FLEGT library is now online: You will find in the library, in all 3 languages, all the FLEGT policy documents, policy briefs and information notes.

Mathieu Bousquet posted Information 20 April 2012

FLEGT on capacity4dev, a new story ?

Mathieu Bousquet posted Information 26 April 2012

Welcome new members of the FLEGT Group.

Right now you can find 4 powerpoint presentations from Wednesday 25 April. You can reach them by clicking on the Events page.

We appreciate your feedback. Enjoy the rest of the FLEGT week.  

David SANMIGUEL posted Information 4 May 2012

FLEGT Interactive Map

Andrew Sutherland posted Information 9 May 2012

For everyone that was unable to attend Forest Governance Forum in Monrovia last Tuesday and Wednesday, please find all presentations available to download at

Sophie Lemaitre posted Information 16 May 2012

The Forestry Commission of Ghana, in partnership with the ACP-FLEGT Support Programme and the EFI EU FLEGT Facility, is soliciting papers for a regional workshop on “Experiences from the FLEGT/VPA process in West and Central African

Antoine Saintraint posted Information 21 May 2012

Suite aux erreurs que contient l'article de presse publié dans "La Une", j'ai effacé le blog précédent et je joins à ce message a ce le démenti de la Plateforme des Organisations de la Société civile gabonaise, ainsi que le texte de leur prise de position.


Mathieu Bousquet posted Information 11 June 2012

This 20 minute interview with Clare Brogan from theIDLgroup discusses her experience of working within the Ghana Forestry Commission and the negotiations for the Voluntary Partnership Agreement under the EU Forest Law and Environmental Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiative.

Céline FERRE posted Information 11 June 2012

La nouvelle interface du site internet de l'APV-FLEGT Congo  a été conçue de manière à répondre aux besoins en

Hartmut Oberstech posted Information 19 June 2012

Hi everyone,

after some time searching the internet  I found this platfrom. I was looking for details referring FLEGT and how the market is getting prepared for it.