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Visitors from the Dominican Republic

Visitors from the Dominican Republic

During last week the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda was visited by representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic, who were intended to learn from the experiences of the entity on Forest Management Plans, the process of Risaralda Model Forest for the World and Development of Forest Governance Project.

The delegation was received by the Director of the company, Juan Manuel Alvarez Villegas, who was commissioned to make a contextualization of the work done by the corporation, stressed the important role that the institution has national and spoke about the achievements made during 30 years of existence of the CARDER.

Similarly, Ruben Dario Moreno Orjuela Engineer, the Technical Director General of the Positioning Project Forest governance in Colombia (initiative funded by the European Union) took care to tell visitors to the project and the advances that have been obtained in and regulations concerning forest management and legal processes in the production chain of wood.

During the meeting the visitors expressed their interest in learning more about the process of Forest Governance, as they believe that this project can contribute to finding solutions to various problems affecting forest Dominican nation. They requested collaboration to access project information, designed to find strategies to fight against illegal forest, which can be replicated in his country.

Finally, visitors were invited to disclose their experiences in the newspaper of the Project to make an approach, readers, on the forestry context of the Dominican Republic.

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