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The PPGFC will be part of the 4th International Forest business roundtable

Participants of the 4th International Forest business roundtable, Medellin (Colombia) 2013The Forest Governance Positioning Project in Colombia PPGFC will be part of the 4th International Forest business roundtable, organized by the European Union, WWF and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda, CARDER.

Estelar Windsor House Hotel in Bogotá DC, will be the meeting place of the event that will take place on September 23rd and 24th. The main objective is to gather sustainable producers and responsible buyers of forest products in one place, allowing them to establish business agreements, commercial alliances or mutual assistance. Therefore, it is intended to promote national and international trade of wood that comes from a certified forest or, with the purpose of being certified and, consequently promote a fair trade.

The opening of the event will be in charge of engineer Rubén Darío Moreno Orjuela, PPGFC director, who will present the progress achieved in the definition of legal timber in Colombia.

The experiences and lessons learned during the implementation of the Pact for Legal Timber in Colombia, the initiative to strengthen Forest governance and the management capacity of the UNAM WWF-ANAM-OIMT, among other topics will be, as well part, of this event.

The Forest Governance Positioning Project is funded by the European Union and led by CARDER, in association with Corantioquia, Corpocaldas, CRC, Codechocó, Corponariño, Corponor, CRQ, Cortolima, Corpourabá, CVC, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Asocars and Aldea Global.

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