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Evaluation and scoping of EU timber importers & imports from South America


A new report has just been released as part of the EC funded project "Supporting the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan in South America: Catalyzing initiatives to control and verify the origin of the timber in trade and support related improvements in forest governance" (European Commission/EuropeAid Regional Programmes Latin America and Caribbean DCI-ENV/21.040100/20-656/2011/277-872). The report, entitled “Evaluation and scoping of EU timber importers & imports from South America” can be downloaded from It will soon be available in spanish.

Extract from the executive summary: “This report contributes to monitoring the impact and effectiveness of European Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)-related policy measures in South America through provision of preliminary baseline data on changes in timber trade between the region and Europe and other world export markets. It brings up to date information from previous studies on trends in timber trade from South America to the European Union (EU) and allows for future monitoring of trade shifts from the focus countries to the EU 28 Member States. To put EU trade into context, the report also includes commentary on timber production in the focus countries and comprehensive data on exports of timber products to non-EU markets.”

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7 January 2014

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