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EFI seeks a Timber Legality and Supply Chain Control Expert

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is seeking a Timber Legality and Supply Chain Control Expert for the EU FLEGT Facility, based at EFI’s Barcelona Office.

The expert will work with stakeholders in Asian and African countries including governments, forest operators and civil society, as well as the European Commission, EU Delegations and EU Member States. 

The expert will focus on:

  • Supporting African VPA countries
  • Supporting stakeholders of these countries to assess forest governance challenges related to law enforcement, transparency, legal framework, technical and institutional gaps
  • Assisting countries in designing, developing and implementing robust systems to verify timber origin and legality along the supply chain
  • Assisting the EU in its dialogue with timber producing countries on forest governance, in particular in negotiating VPAs
  • Working on technical elements of timber legality and supply chain control, and contributing to knowledge management and strategic thinking in this area
  • Increasing understanding and raising awareness of the potential interactions between FLEGT, REDD+, land-use and drivers of deforestation

Read the full job description

Application deadline: 31 July 2018

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