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Workshop "Proposal for Strengthening Forest Management"

Workshop "Proposal for Strengthening Forest Management"


On November 30 the Project Positioning of the Forest Governance in Colombia  (initiative funded by the European Union) held in the city of Bogotá workshop: Proposal for Strengthening Forestry Administration, which seeks to be the stage for dialogue, discussion and analysis on current and functioning of the institutions responsible for the management and control of the proceeds of the forest.

During the meeting, the project will present its proposal for Improved Forest Management for CAR Members. Which is a review of all processes performed within environmental institutions and proposes mechanisms to optimize and reduce paperwork developed by the Autonomous Regional Corporations in relation to forest resource management.

  The workshopwill aim to revise the forest management scheme used by the entities that belong to the project, seeking to identify their strengths and weaknesses, with the idea of structuring the foundations of a new administrative model who promotes the characteristics of functioning of the CAR.
The results and conclusions of the activity, the project will have the necessary inputs to adjust the proposal, so the next step would be to validate it with the 11 autonomous regional corporations Members.

nvited entities:

Colombian Associationof Foresters (ACIF), IDEAM, ICA, District Department of the Environment, National Corporation for Forestry Research and Development (CONIF), Contraloría General de La república . Distrital University Francisco José de Caldas, Pizano SA, Ministry of Environment and Development sustainable, los Andes University , Asocars, Alta consejera Presidencial de Buen Gobierno y eficiencia, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Instituto de investigaciones del pacífico (IIAP), WWF-Colombia, Escuela Superior de administración Pública  (ESAP), Tecniforest Ltda , University of Cauca, National Planning Department, Cormacarena, Corpoamazonia, CORPONOR, Corpocaldas, Codechocó, Corpourabá, CRC, Corporamazonía, University of  Tolima, National University in  Medellín, BIOREDD.

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30 November 2012

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