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Technical and Juridical of Forest Governance met in Pereira

3.jpgA training workshop with technical and Juridical performed the Forest Governance project for two days in Pereira.

The project supported by the European Union, which execute the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda, Carder, in association ten environmental authorities of Colombia, sought with these workshops, open spaces for dialogue and discussion, working to define and analyze alternative approach each institution in relation to the implementation of forestry regulations in cases of seizures of illegal timber.

During the workshop, attended by 29 people, with the participation of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, there were three cases that meet the common everyday problems of Corporations, such as coal, timber yards and timber transportation from plantations.

In this sense, each Corporation analyzed with technical personnel and juridical the cases, and the results were discussed differences existed.

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Gobernanza Forestal
14 June 2013

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