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Second Day of Validation Protocol

PROTOCOLO%20BARRANQUILLA.JPGDuring days 6, 7 and 8 March was held in the city of Barranquilla the second day between the Autonomous Regional Corporations in the area, to validate operating protocols and Control Surveillance to utilization of natural forests, transport, transformation and Forest Products Marketing. In this workshop the following entities take part: MADS - CARDIQUE - CVS - CARSUCRE - CRA - CSB - CORDAGMA - ASOCARS - CARDER / PROJECT PGFC

This activity is carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, ASOCARS, in conjunction with Project Positioning of forest governance in Colombia (initiative led by CARDER and supported by the European Union) and ASOCARS.

The event aims to present the three protocols to the representatives of the CAR and other environmental authorities invited, looking to collect comments and recommendations that lead to the adjustment of the documents.

It is necessary to remember that one of the goals pursued by the project with the support of MADS and ASOCARS, is to get the protocols are adopted by the environmental authorities of the country, which will, in future, the unification process between entities, with a step towards the modernization of the forestry administration.

The versions of the protocols that were presented during the workshop, the project positioning of the Forest Governance in Colombia developed with the support of the 11 CAR members, MADS, ASOCARS and entities invited as IDEAM, ICA, National Police and the police , CAM, Corpoamazonia, SDA,
Área Metropolita del  Valle de Aburrá,among others.

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Gobernanza Forestal
12 March 2013

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