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National Workshop on Validation of Control and Monitoring Protocols Forest

1(1).jpgOn days 20, 21 and 22 February, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, ASOCARS and the Project Positioning of forest governance in Colombia (which is funded by the European Union) held in the city of Bogota academic workshop: Protocols of control and Vigilance to Utilizations, Transport, Transformation and Commercialization of Forest Products.

The eventaimed to socialize and validate with representatives of different Autonomous Regional and Sustainable Management of the Country, Control and Surveillance protocols for wood production chain, which were developed by the Project PGFC.

The protocols were designed as tools to facilitate the activities of technical and environmental authority officials, offering guidelines for effectively performing inspections in forests, roads and centers of transformation

It is recalled that in recent months the project had achieved the validation of the three protocols with the partners of the Action, and others relate to environmental issues and monitoring and control of resources, CAR nonmembers, National Police IDEAM ASOCAR, among others.

The goal ofMADS and the Project is to seek the implementation of the CAR protocols in all the country, which would be an important step towards the modernization of the forestry administration, as it would allow the standardization of processes, which facilitates the operation and agency working.
It was attended by the following entities:

  • Corpoguavio.
  • Cornare.
  • Corpocaldas.
  • Corpoboyaca.
  • Carder.
  • Cortolima.
  • CAM.
  • Corpochivor.
  • ¬†MADS.
  • PGFC.
  • CAR.
  • CAS.
  • SDA.
  • CDMB.

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Gobernanza Forestal
27 February 2013

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