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Malaysia and Indonesia find delay in finishing VPA?

1. What is true about The Jakarta Post on Indonesia, that there will be a delay again in finishing the VPA?

2. What is true about the latest Message from Malyasia as mentioned on GreenwoodNews about the Sarawak issue? As there is a stop on negotiation with NGO stakeholders?  


Dear Ted,

Please find answers to your questions:

1. Indonesia amended its timber legality regulation in January 2012. This had to be reflected in the VPA annexes and the process of checking the VPA text (on which substantive negotiations have concluded) has been lengthy.  The VPA must also be translated into all EU languages before it is considered by the Council of Ministers of the EU and then signed.  While there had been hopes that the VPA would be signed in November 2012 that date is no longer realistic. 

2. FLEGT VPA negotiations with Malaysia have not been suspended. 

Thanks for your active contribution to the FLEGT Group on cap4dev.

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ted wiegman
17 October 2012

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