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Independent evaluation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan published

Independent evaluation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan published pixel.gif

The European Commission has today published a report that the global FLEGT community has long-anticipated: The Independent Evaluation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan. The evaluation covers the first eleven years of our community’s work, assessing progress in implementation and making recommendations for future action. Download the report

The report concludes that the EU FLEGT Action Plan is a relevant and innovative response to the challenge of illegal logging and that it has improved forest governance in all target countries. The report says the EU FLEGT Action Plan has been effective in terms of raising awareness of the problem of illegal logging at all levels, contributing to improved forest governance globally and particularly in partner producer countries, and has helped reduce demand for illegal timber in the EU. 

The findings and recommendations will guide the European Commission in improving the efficiency, effectiveness and value-for-money of work undertaken to further implement the EU FLEGT Action Plan. The report will also guide the EC in assessing policies to address the broader drivers of deforestation, and in linking action under FLEGT to the international climate change and Sustainable Development Goals agendas.

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