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Guidance on the EU Timber Regulation published

The European Commission has published a guidance document which explains aspects of the EU Timber Regulation and the two secondary acts.

The guidance defines important terms such as ‘placing on the market’ and gives examples in which a company or individual would be considered an ‘operator’. It also clarifies issues around ‘complexity of the supply chain’, ‘the role of third party verifier schemes’ and ‘composite products’. Though not legally binding, the document serves as a useful reference for anyone who must comply with the EU Timber Regulation, and guides national competent authorities and enforcement bodies in implementation and enforcement. 

The secondary acts can be found here: Commission delegated regulation and implementing regulation.


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You can also find useful information related to the EU Timber Regulation on the following page of the European Commission's website :

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Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas
12 November 2012

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