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FLEGT Week 2015: Crash Course on FLEGT, the Report

Monday 16 March, from 9.00h to 12.30h


More than 80 people participated in the Crash Course on FLEGT to learn about the origins and the elements of the EU FLEGT Action Plan. In Hugh Speechly's overview of international forestry cooperation since 1970s, he explained how the Bali FLEG Conference was the watershed where governments for openly recognized for the first time the existence of illegal logging and the problem of corruption and poor governance in their forest sector. Statements made at the Conference led to the EU FLEGT Action Plan in 2003. Iola Leal introduced the EU institutional set-up and the supporting instruments related to FLEGT. Saskia Ozinga and Emily Fripp presented the civil society and private sector engagement in the development and implementation of the Action Plan.  

Read the full report, download the presentations and see the slideshow on FLEGT Week website. 

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