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FLEGT projects Interactive Map !

FLEGT Interactive Map

Under the framework of the EU FLEGT Action Plan (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade), the European Commission and Member States finance a number of projects to support committed partnership countries in combatting illegal logging.

Discover with this map the most recent projects financed by the European Commission.

The idea is therefore to contribute to the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan by: 1) producing a project catalogue to guide future actions, 2) improving donor coordination so as to avoid duplication and 3) improving project coordination by sharing experiences between projects and with the wider FLEGT community. 

More than 50 FLEGT "project fiches" (with detailed information on objectives, implementing agency, location and funding) have been already uploaded into the interactive map.

Our IT team is now developing an interactive platform which will allow you to actively participate in populating this map.If you are managing a FLEGT project whether funded by the European Commission, a partner country or an EU Member State, you will soon be able to upload your project information directly onto this site.

 Check out our interactive map here:

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4 May 2012

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