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FLEGT Local Call for Proposals in Ghana and Vietnam

Dear FLEGT Community,

Call for Proposals have been launched for Ghana and Vietnam. The deadline for submission of the concept notes is 15/02/2013 for Ghana and 21/02/2013 for Vietnam. Before applying, please ensure you have taken into account the specific nature of the actions and the limited geographic scope.

The Call for Proposal in Ghana (€1,200,000) can be found here: Ghana call for proposal 15/02/2013

The specific objectives of this Call for Proposals are to support the following actions:

1. Actions that contribute to the development and effective implementation of the Legality Assurance

System (LAS) and private sector preparedness for the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR);

2. Actions related to the recognition and strengthening of community rights;

3. Actions related to the reduction of illegal timber supplying the domestic market.

The Call for Proposal in Vietnam (€800,000) can be found here: Vietnam call for proposal 21/02/2013

The specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to encourage the participation of civil society organizations and private sector in the FLEGT process in Vietnam and to strengthen their capacity to do so.

Please note that the information shown here is just an indication. Only the information appearing on the official website of EuropeAid can be considered as valid source for applicants.

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David Hamson
29 January 2013

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