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FLEGT active in capacity4dev - Welcome new members

FLEGT on capacity4dev, a new story ?

Last year we created the public group on FLEGT in capacity4dev, and some members joined the group (thanks to them !), but we have not made a big use of this tool. With new people (some of them technology oriented !) joining the FLEGT team, we decided that this platform is an excellent tool to share experiences and discuss about FLEGT developments and FLEGT lessons learnt. We have so updated our library (Thank you Valérie !), which now contains all FLEGT related key document, information and communication material. And as we are preparing the 7th FLEGT annual coordination meeting, we would like to use Capacity4dev as an instrument to better collaborate and coordinate our activities, with partner countries, civil society organisations, private sector organisations, all stakeholders who are active in FLEGT and make FLEGT different.

As an active member you will be able to post comments, upload files in the "Library", share events and ideas on "Event" and "Blog" pages, participate to surveys, contact and start discussions with other members...

So please, come in, join us in the group, inform us of the upcoming events ! Welcome in the FLEGT Capacity4dev public group ! This site is yours, so make it live !



Nicely built presentation on capacity4dev by Andrea



Thanks to all of you for your active participation in the the Flegt Group.
The statistics have showed that the Flegt Group received more than 8000 visits with 5000 unique visitors since the beginning of April 2012. We are now more than 110 members...Continue to spread the word for joining the Flegt Group.

What is Discover about the EuropeAid official collaborative platform, its functionalities and how it can help you share knowledge with the development community!

Welcome new members of the FLEGT Group.
Thanks for your interest and your great collaboration.
Continue to share the platform with your colleagues and flegt contacts.

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Mathieu Bousquet
20 April 2012

Do more through capacity4dev


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