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Cortolima was trained on Protocols of Control and Forest Monitoring

Com_5_oct_2.jpgThe Forest Governance Positioning Project continues socializing the Control and Forest Monitoring protocols, the Timber Cubin Guide and the digital applications (EspeciesMaderables and Cubimaderas). In this opportunity, staff from the environmental authority of Tolima, CORTOLIMA, was trained.

The Project has created four protocols:

-Review and Assessment of Forest Management Plans;

-Forest Control and Monitoring;

-Control and surveillance on Mobilization of Forest Products; and

-Control and Monitoring of Forest Industries and Companies (Transformation and commerce).

All of them were developed by the project and nationally validated with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development –MADS. They are designed to unify the criteria of control and surveillance on the chain of Forest of all the Environmental Authorities.

After the activity, participants considered the protocols as useful tools for performing the actions of Control and monitoring in their entities.

The Forest Governance Positioning Project is funded by the European Union and led by CARDER, in association with Corantioquia, Corpocaldas, CRC, Codechocó, Corponariño, Corponor, CRQ, Cortolima, Corpourabá, CVC, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Asocars and Aldea Global.

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Gobernanza Forestal
27 October 2014

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